Important Funding Needed

Mandi and Ophelia- before surgery.

Breast Cancer affects so many families in the United States. Who hasn't seen the Susan G. Komen Walk For Breast Cancer ads on TV or heard of someone's mother, grandmother, daughter or aunt struggle with this awful disease? My own grandmother and aunt died from breast cancer complications so I know far too well that I myself might be at risk.

We see a lot of mammary cancer and breast tumors too often in our female rescue dog population. Usually we find it in older over bred, tick borne illness infected dogs. Is there a link between Immuno Compromised dogs that have been infected with Ehrlichia, Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain spotted fever and breast cancer? We are starting to think based on our research evidence that there may be a huge link. I have one friend that just went through a partial mastectomy and she was diagnosed with Lyme disease weeks before her surgery.

While IBR's research into this subject is incredibly important, any time we rescue a dog with breast tumors, it is very expensive. First there is the initial cost of blood work- CBC/Chems and tick panels, then there is the mammary surgery itself usually done at the same time the dog is spayed. We also do biopsies to see what type of tumor the dog has so that we can decide if the dog is adoptable, or needs long term hospice care. If the dog needs a follow up surgery, that can make the cost of rescuing one of these dogs run easily over $2000.

Please help us help these amazing stoic dogs, and at the same time finding some hope for some women that have also been afflicted with this awful disease.


UPDATE 3-25-11 Sassy is going in for her second mammary surgery on 3-31-11. This surgery is going to be difficult because we wanted to wait for her to recover from her last procedure in November--but while we waited the tumors on two of her mammaries have gotten much bigger. This lifesaving procedure will cost the rescue at least $600 and we really need donations to help cover the cost. Most rescues would have euthanzied a dog like Sassy because of the cost to help her get better but she is so sweet and loving and really deserves a chance. What we are learning from these dogs will help women affected with this awful disease.

Sassy was diagnosed with Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Large Mass on Mammary

First surgery was a success.

Long recovery.

Looking good.


Cher was diagnosed with Lyme disease.

Roxy Ratatouille

Roxy was diagnosed with Lyme disease. Yes it is not just birddogs that are afflicted with these tick borne illnesses. Ticks can even bite little Chihuahua's if they aren't protected by Frontline.

Roxy post mammary surgery.

We are hopeful it won't come back once she is spayed
and also with keeping the Lyme disease under control.


Duckie was diagnosed with Ehrlichia, Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Mammary surgery.

Large tumors removed.


Mandi was diagnosed with Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Post mammary surgery.

Post mast cell surgery.


Moira was diagnosed with Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Moira recovering.

Successful surgery.


Ophelia was diagnosed with Ehrlichia and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Ophelia Partial Mastectomy

Healed--one more surgery to go!

On her journey to her hew home.

Ophelia in her adoptive home.