Illinois Birddog Rescue - EVENTS!


1st Prize-- $500 Gift Certificate!!

Welcome to Illinois Birddog Rescue's Have A Heart 4 Calendar contest. This contest is dedicated to all the dogs we bring into the program that are struggling with heartworms, tick-borne disease and other serious health problems. Each year we bring in many dogs that need extra care due to neglect and this year has brought us many new dogs and puppies in need. Our cover dogs English Setter Lord Palmerston, Senior Pointer Madison and mixed breed Cosette all have heartworm disease and tick borne disease. Lord came in from an over-crowded shelter in Kentucky as did Madison. He also has a heart murmur which made his surgery for some serious dental disease scary and complicated. Little Cosette was on death row in an over-crowded shelter in Southern Illinois and she came in cover in ticks and sadly with a broken leg that caused her much pain. All are currently in our Heartworm Slow Kill program and doing well.

GRAND PRIZE WINNER- the photo entry with the most votes/donation

A $500 Gift Certificate to for a custom portrait. This is the best prize ever, so many talented artists through this site take your photo submission of your pet or family and create a beautiful portrait. Winning photo will also be the cover of the Have a Heart 4 Calendar Contest and an insert into the calendar.

2nd - 12th place Dogs

Second through twelfth place winners win the eleven other coveted monthly calendar cover pages and a squeaky toy.


IBR Announces Fundraising Vehicle Donation Program!

IBR Rescue Setter- Dantes and Pointer- Lani.

We are thrilled to be partnering with Charity Dispatch in an effort to raise much needed funds for IBR. Click Here to start the process of donating your car to our program. Charity Dispatch makes it easy and safe and does all the work from towing your vehicle away, and also providing the necessary documentation for your tax deduction once your car sells at auction. Thank you for your consideration!

More about Charity Dispatch's Vehicle Donation Program: Automobile owners who believe that their vehicle is not suitable for an automobile donation, are advised that we will accept automobiles in all in conditions, and the car which is not in running condition will bring in funds by stripping the car for spares. The sale of the spares will be used for the funding of the charity organization, and as such, any type of automobile donation, no matter the condition or the age of the vehicle, is a selfless act and will go a long way in assisting an organization that is battling to stay afloat because of a lack of funding. The automobile donation is very common and in fact, donating a car is as common as donating used household goods or money and since the automobile donation process is expertly handled by Charity Dispatch, which will handle the collection of the automobile at no cost to the donor, those who would like to make an automobile donation will find our services to be very helpful.

Charity Dispatch is a specialist in automobile donations and more than offering assistance with an automobile donation, donors are free to make donations of SUVs, boats, motorcycles, airplanes and timeshares. Those making an automobile donation will not only be offering a helping hand to organizations that are in dire need of funds, but since the charities represented on our website are all IRS Approved non-profit organizations, the donor will benefit from a tax deduction with the automobile donation.


HELP IBR.ORG (click here) is our new one stop fundraising website. While being a general donation site, we will also list our Raffles, Auctions, and Vehicle Donation information. If you or your company would like to donate for future Auction fundraising and free advertising, this site will also allow you to do that. Feel free to share this site on Facebook or other social networks!

Email Lisa for more info.