Adopting A Friend

Illinois Birddog Rescue, Inc. requires all of our dogs to be placed first and foremost as pets. We will place dogs into hunting homes, but they must live indoors as part of the family. Only dogs that have been tested on upland birds and have had a blank gun fired over them will be considered for hunting/pet homes. The reason for this is that many of our rescues have suffered from terrible abuse by old school training methods. It takes months of care and rehab to help a once formerly abused dog overcome their past. We also require fenced in yards for all of our dogs and puppies (Traditional or Invisible)and non-smoking homes. BOTH OF THESE REQUIREMENTS ARE NOT NEGOTIABLE.

All of our foster homes give the rescue dogs lots of TLC. While in foster care our dogs will be:

We take great pride in making sure all of our rescue dogs are healthy before being adopted. All of our rescues will have been: We ask for a $425 non-negotiable adoption fee for our adult dogs and $475 for all dogs less than one year of age. On average our cost to fully vet one of our dogs or puppies is approximately $400-$500, depending on the amount of neglect they have experienced. IBR is completely transparent in our vetting procedures and we provide our adopters information through the Complete Blood Counts and Chemistries and also through the life saving IDEXX IFA Serology tick panel in order to help these dogs have a chance at longer lives. Only through generous donations and fundraising can we keep the level of our vetting protocals above the national average. We want our adopters to have their pets for a very long time avoiding expensive vetting bills from issues that can arise from undiagnosed disease and that is why we go above and beyond what a typical rescue would do to make sure our pets are healthy prior to adoption.

When adopting one of our rescues, we want to make sure both you and the dog will be a good match. Here's how our procedure works:

  1. Here is our on-line adoption application: IBR Adoption Application.
  2. Your application will be reviewed by all board members and the foster care provider.
  3. You will receive a call for a phone interview
  4. If approved, we will then arrange for you to speak at length with the foster care provider and meet the dog you are interested in.
  5. A home check will be done to assure the safety of the rescue dog in its new home environment. Because of the intense hunting instincts these dogs posess, we require their forever homes to have safe fenced in yards.
  6. Because we want to make sure our dogs live long healthy, happy lives, we will only place our dogs into non-smoking homes.
  7. At the time of adoption, the fee will be collected and an adoption contract signed.
  8. In the weeks following the adoption a member of our group will contact you and do a follow-up obedience or dietary home visit, if needed. We want to make sure you and your new family member are completely happy and healthy!